Title: She's Not Me (acoustic)
Artist: Jenny Lewis
Played: 932 times

she’s not me - jenny lewis

I took you for granted
when you were all that I needed
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Title: Cowboy Take Me Away
Artist: Dixie Chicks
Played: 10183 times


Dixie Chicks - Cowboy Take Me Away

i wanna walk, not run
i wanna skip and not fall
i wanna look at the horizon 
and not see a building standing tall

i wanna be the only one
for miles and miles
except for maybe you
and your simple smile

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The Man From Yesterday (1932)

Title: My Friends
Artist: George Hearn and Angela Lansbury
Played: 147 times

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Gloria Swanson was born in Chicago, Illinois, and educated there. While appearing in a picture at the Essanay studio, she decided that she did so well that they did not appreciate her, and so she left Chicago and journeyed to Hollywood. She immediately secured work with Mack Sennett as one of his bathing beauties. She was graduated from these comedies to the silken dramas of Cecil DeMille - gaining, perhaps, her first real fame in “Male and Female”. Miss Swanson was soon elevated to Paramount stardom.

Stars of the Photoplay

Jonathan Creek: series 5, episode 3

The Curse of the Bronze Lamp

Title: Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Artist: Greg Laswell
Played: 5113 times

Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Greg Laswell

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What you risk reveals what you value. —Jeanette Winterson, Written on the Body  (via modernhepburn)
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